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Our approach to tree care is based on the most current and progressive arboriculture practices with tree health as the priority. Trees are not just an investment for the environment but for your property value. Starting proper tree care when trees are young ensures the future health of your investment. Most importantly is that trees that are poorly trimmed over time become hazardous and have high potential to fail in stressful situation such as high wind or vehicular impact. When a tree fails it can kill someone nearby or do major damage to property. It is our duty to properly correct these hazards and encourage healthy manicured trees.


Structural Pruning:  Improves storm strength by eliminating weak branch formations increasing property safety. Includes tip reductions to improve taper and decrease size


Thinning: Thinning promotes tree health, reduces weight, decreases wind resistance, and creates beautifully filtered views


Shaping: A process which takes into account overall tree health, but also focuses on aesthetics and training trees to grow within the built environment.


Often tree trimming may seem like a simple job. Safety concerns and the health of your trees make it a job for professionals. True Tree Service takes the proper time to ensure that each job is completed in the best way possible. We are not a ‘mow-blow-and-go’ company nor do we practice topping, spiking or other techniques detrimental to the overall health of your trees. We make sure to do what is right.

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